Thursday, December 30, 2010

Museum of Bags and Purses

The Museum of Bags and Purses (Dutch: Tassenmuseum Hendrikje), located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a museum devoted to historic handbags, purses and suitcases.

The museum's collection includes 4,000 items dating back to the 16th century. One of only three museums across the globe specializing in the field, and its collection is the world's largest.

While the majority of visitors to the museum are women, the most valuable item on exhibit is a sixteenth-century men's goat-skin belt pouch with iron clasps.


About 30 years ago, Hendrikje Ivo an antique dealer from Amstelveen, bought a small antique tortoiseshell bag inlaid with mother of pearl in England, dating back to

1820 and crafted in Germany.Hendrikje's interest in discovering the history of this first bag triggered a passion for collecting handbags. Before too long she had

collected more than 3,000 bags. She soon decided to show part of the collection to the public. At first, the museum existed in two rooms of a villa in Amstelveen, but

as the collection grew, the couple looked for a new location. Since June 2007, the museum is located in a 17th Century patrician house at the Herengracht, Amsterdam's most prestigious canal.

Today, the Museum of Bags and Purses is a serious institution with a permanent exhibition presenting the core of the collection and temporary shows of the particular designers, mostly Dutch.


The earliest handbags in the museum's collection are typically small, used to carry coins, keys and sewing kits. Such bags were carried, by both men and women, under

clothing to avoid drawing the attention of thieves. The development of pants with pockets for men, and the change from billowing skirts to more form-fitting dresses, led to handbags becoming an item for women, often with elaborate adornment. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, technology and the growth of rail travel accessible to the middle class led to larger handbags, often made of durable leather.
Brand name bags came to the fore in the 1950s, epitomized by items in the collection including a quilted Chanel purse and the Herm├Ęs Kelly bag.


Besides the permanent collection, there are also temporary exhibitions. Till the 21st of February 2010 you can visit the exhibition: Made in Britain, with bags from English designers like Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Lulu Guinness, Paul Smith and Anya Hindmarch. From the 8th of March 2010 the Museum of Bags and Purses will show the exhibition: CRYSTAL loves LEATHER. This collection was previously shown in New York, Tokyo, Antwerp and the Louvre in Paris.(Source: wikipedia)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tips on Choosing Handbags That Match With Your Personality

One of woman habit when shopping is buy goods with cheap price. If she see any discount or off price marking, her eyes fixed on the goods directly labeled these two marking. Spontaneous her interest will come up and intent to buy because of her  considerations this is the right time to buy and may be she feel never see this opportunities to buy at the lower prices. In fact, the goods are not necessarily needed or has significant benefit for her.

Okay, more specific, the bag is a good number two of the most frequently purchased after clothes. This is specifically for women who like shopping in department stores. For a woman, the bag is not only useful as a means of carrying goods only. Bags are also useful as a complement to such appearance when attending a party, shop, picnic and other events.

Women often find bags that match her desire. Sometimes, the bag is purchased because the brand or the color of interest. Types of bags purchased at the boutique can say who you really are, how your taste and how your personality. And the bag, believe it or not, a reflection of your personality. Well, you want to know how your character according to the bag you carry? Follow a few tips below:

Oversized Bag

Large bag suggests more slender and its kind is what you usually like. You also love bags that can be used every day so they can save a mirror, lipstick, hair brush or a boss to wear on special evenings. You like wearing hobo bag will show that you are pretty smart, but also a bit lazy.

Bag Color Nude

Carrying a bag with a nude or beige color indicates that you have a charming and friendly personality. Handbag with neutral color also signifies that you are a pratical shopper. You are always a collection of something that will fit worn with all your wardrobe.


According to a lifestyle site, women who wear clutch for everyday purposes is a jet-setter. Is that correct? What is clear is that a Clutch type only could save good such as cell phone and small wallet. Woman  who use it every day probably had an accomplice (or boyfriend) who loyaly followed while bringing her another goods.

Bag with Detailed Decoration

Eye-catching knick-knacks indicating someone who is confident. But wearing a bag that attract attention also showed that users tend to ignore others when he was walking on the street.

Square Tote

Usually people who wear these bags tend to be feminine which often appear like a snow princess with a matching gown, cute shoes and sexy makeup. Preferred bags are usually colored pink or orange with a little short strap with the base beneath. Women with this kind personality is usually always follow the fashion trend as shown in the magazine. Not just clothes, but also make-up.

Backpacks With Waist Strap

Many said that people who wear backpacks have a sporty personality. She always move on so the clothes and accessories she wear is casual type and simple one so would not inhibit her activities. Preferred bags usually made from leather or nylon with a red color that is easy to clean is a good choice to support the activity.

Doctors Bags with Trendy Tote

Classic personality described as people who prefer the convenience in choosing the standard lines with durable material. Even so, she tend to comply herself with the more trendy accessories but won't diminish classic impression of her overall appearance. Materials are selected with the color brown suade or shiny skin will keep the classic.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

15 Do's and Don'ts in Caring For Your Handbags

The goods which are properly maintained  will be last longer and give you easiness when you need to use it every time. It will be more efficient if the goods are kept neat and clean than you should buy a new one. Here are some tips and guideline to maintain your handbag keep in good condition. Nowadays, handbag more like a jewelery for some women, than it just have a function only for carrying goods. The bags material also have much variation such as leather, canvas, cotton, nylon etc.  Each material have each own characteristic, so we should know how to take care of it in order to maintain the bags still in good condition for long time. Here are some tips for caring a handbags:

1. When handbags not used for long time, keep it in the box to avoid it from dust exposure. Use it's original box from shop you bought it, or use smooth flanel to wrap it.

2. Don't - Try to avoid grip bag's strap with your hand palm. As we know a hand palm often contact with any things such as dusty goods, lotion, oily food, etc. Lotion will leave  stain on handbags body and also the oily food will harm your bag materials.

3. Do - handbag strap should be better draped on the arm or hold it with your elbow. With this tips, you will avoid handbags have direct exposure with dust, lotion or sweaty hand palm.

4. Don't - Don't put your pen or pencil without cover inside bag. Always put pen and pencil or another sharp item on its own box. Leaving pen without cover will make your bag's body scratched or perforated. Also don't make your bag as writing pads, your pen tip can penetrate the paper and make a hole on your bag.

5. Don't- Avoid putting direct-care products into the bag. Lotion, foundation, cream, or other beauty products. Never know when those products will leak and ruin your bag forever.

6. Don't- Avoid the use of an expensive handbag or special if you see the weather was not friendly or will travel to the damp areas or potentially damage the bag because of weather or conditions that are not friendly.

7. Don't - Do not carry expensive handbags to a salon or a hairdresser, because care products and styling can easily attach to and damage the bag. In addition, new haircuts given chemical can also attach to and damage the appearance of bags.

8. Do- If your bag has a handle made of chains, make sure the chain is stored in the inside of the bag when not in use. This is important so that the chain does not damage the material on the outside of the bag.

9. Do- When storing, you should use a bubble wrap to put on the inside of the bag and maintain its shape. Avoid using tissue paper or newspaper because it can attract termites to breed in it.

10. Don't -  Avoid using special bags to the supermarket because if you put in the cart, the web of the trolley can leave permanent marks or even worse, spilled food or beverages will damage the bag.

11. Do- It is recommended that you perform waterproofing coating or bag to avoid unwanted accidents, such as water soaked or exposed to stain pen. Waterproofing is also ease to clean when exposed to fluid.

12. Don't - Never use new jeans while carrying a new handbag at the same time. It most often founded a jeans stain on the leather handbag. This occurs because the leather bag rubing the jeans that still have strong color, if it happens immediately take the bags to the place of professional cleaning bags, not to wait for the color of the jeans absorbed into the bag for long time.

13. Do- For bags that are stored in the closet, try to provide air flow into the closet, at least give some litle fresh air to the leather bag and shoe to prevent mold. Put Korean charcoal in the closet to absorb moisture, do not use silica gel or absorbing moisture because it can spill and even making bag becoming wet.

14. Don't - For bags of canvas material, do not get used to wash themselves with detergent or brush because it will damage the original condition and even damage the tissue fibers.

15. Do - If the stains are difficult to clean, try to recolor back the bag. Make sure you bring it to the professional bag coloring services

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Health Issue in Choosing and Wearing Right Handbag For Your Self

Handbag have become an important part in fashion for women. Bag in accordance with beautiful hands and clothing are used, will give a plus in appearance. Large handbag with attractive designs are beautiful views and can seat lots of stuff, but if the bag was too big, it will endanger health.

Back pain, neck tension, headache, are some common symptoms that often arises due to wrong choice of bags. Isis M. Medina, spine therapist, gives some tips on choosing and wearing handbag to look chic but not injuring remain the backbone of the following:

The Proportion of Ten Percent
Tolerance limit is the maximum bag weight of ten percent of the users body weight. If you weigh 50 kg, mean maximum weight of your hand luggage 5 kilograms. More than that, use a backpack (bagpack). Knowingly or not, a heavy handbag will force more panhandle neck forward, therefore, will cause headaches, tense neck and back pain.

Select The Type of Grip.
Avoid long lace bag, because the burden laid on one side of the body will pull your body to the side or unbalance. The shoulder would be pulled to the front for maintain the bag remains on it's position.. Also, avoid chain handle bag of material, because will injure your skin. Instead, choose a bag that is not too short strappy thin and small. The rope that is too small with a heavy load will cause the bag many problems.

Try wearing a handbag with three different positions: first, put your purse strap on the shoulders, while the body bag tucked in between the arms. The second way,  position bag's handle in the hollow of the elbow. The third position, take the bag with carrying on the palm hand. When worn on the shoulders, make sure your bag exactly parallel with the center gravity of your body (navel or waist), or if you are petite, the top body bag chest parallel to the line.

Compact Model.
Bags that are too large will invite you insert anything into the bag. But also do not choose a bag that is too small. Customize it as needed.

Additional Space.
Often we have trouble finding certain items in the bag. Choose bags with additional pockets in it, so no need to disassemble the entire contents bag only to find a cell phone or wallet. This bag's part are also functions to put each item on it's own place.

Bag's Material
Always select the material that is soft and strong bag. Bag of soft leather that most recommended, nylon bag is also quite good. Avoid rigid leather bags, because it will be 'released' from the body, in a sense, the bag does not stick to the body. If the bag rigid It contains many articles, he would stand out and difficult to transport.

Balance Your Luggage
Still remember the formula of 10 percent? But do not mean you should bring everything on one side of the body. Get used to balance the luggage. Right-hand carry bags at shoulder, while his left hand carrying another bag.

(By Farihah)
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Tips For Choosing Perfect Handbag

If you agree with the phrase 'the best is not necessarily the brand' in
choosing a handbag, please refer to the end of this tip. Now, where to
buy more and more handbags. Ranging from simple kiosks to luxury shops.
The model offered was very attractive.

Besides a good model, you certainly do not want a bag that was only one
or two months. Unlike bag worth over a million dollars, no after-sales
service for this product. So the key is to check first before buying
carefully before your money changed hands. Here are the things that
need to be seen before:

* Check the bag material. Consider, if the material fits with the style
of dress you and your needs. Tote bags for business must be able to
function like a suitcase. He should be made of strong materials and
thick. Bags of leather or canvas is durable and strong thick could be
an option.

* Check aliases belt straps. Is quite capable of keeping secure your
luggage. Be safe, just choose a bag that has a perfect under strap
protect your stuff.

* Test the strength of his grip by way of lifting the bag. Do not
forget to test the smoothness of zippers and buttons.

* See the surface of these bags, whether made of nylon, wool, winyl, or
skin strong? Check also the inside, pockets inside and on the side of
the bag, whether perforated or damaged.

* Check the condition of the bag, is there any damage? Then, try to
wipe the handkerchief on the outside, including the bottom side. See,
if the color patched on your handkerchief. If yes, which means the
color of the bag easily fade.

* Do not forget to check the seams tidiness. There must be no loose
threads. Observe also decorative knick-knacks kinds of beads,
shellfish, embroidery, and ornamental iron. Make sure nothing is
cracked, broken, or even be harmful decorate clothing or
your skin.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unique Handmade Handbag

Unique Handmade Handbags are a series of fashion-oriented product customization product users. Based on handmade production system with an original design that makes our products superior in number of variant designs and patterns are very diverse and continue to grow as the development trends of fashion and dress.

Our products have this type of product Handmade with its own characteristics which ethnic bag lady. More value offered by our products lies in handmade arts with original and unique design that refers to an attractive modern ethnic style with a combination of color matching according to the theme design depending on the needs of end users.

Applications handmade applied in our products in the form of embroideries / baste hand, buttons, fabric scraps, ribbons and lace are combined in a single theme that makes each particle has a distinctive character. Our mission is to give all customer satisfaction who interesting in Unique Handmade Handbag.

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